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The 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top Ten

2017 Best Of Sicamous Top 10

2017 was an amazing year for Sicamous. As a community we hosted a number of really successful events and we also had a huge amount of support from numerous people and groups within our community who volunteered their time which has created an amazing sense of optimism as we look to the future. As 2017 draws to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on some of the amazing things that took place in our community with The 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top Ten.

#10 – Sicamous Snow Pitch

Earlier this year, there was a group of people from out of town who were looking for a new venue to host a Sno-Pitch tournament they had been organizing for several years. After looking at a number communities in the Shuswap and Okanagan, they chose Sicamous as the best possible place to host their event and for that reason the 2017 Sicamous Sno Pitch tournament takes the number ten spot in the 2017 Best Of Sicamous top 10.

#9 – Sicamous Snow Bike Races

In 2017 Sicamous hosted the Sicamous Snow Bike Races. This was a well attended event with more than two thousand people passing through the gates. This event proves that Sicamous has the potential to be a true four season destination. For that reason, the Sicamous Snow Bike Races takes the ninth position in the 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top ten.

#8 – Community Banner Project

For almost two decades volunteers have come together to paint banners to brighten up our main street. The Community Banner Project is such a beautiful demonstration of community pride. For that reason, The Community Banner Project takes the eighth position in this years Best Of Sicamous Top Ten.

#7 – Communities In Bloom (2 Videos)

Although Communities In Bloom has beautifying our community for several years, in 2017 this group really stepped things adding a contest for the nicest yard. This event was very well received and we can see Communities In Bloom playing a major role in beautifying our community. For this reason, Communities In Bloom takes the seventh position in the 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top Ten.

#6 – Sicamous Community Farmers Market

The Sicamous Community Farmer’s Market is not only an opportunity for locals and visitors to experience the entrepreneurial spirit Sicamous, but it has become a weekly social activity. This is truly a glimpse of the best of sicamous so for that reason, the Sicamous Community Farmers Market takes the sixth position in the 2017 Best Of Sicamous top Ten.

#5 – Music In The Park (6 Videos)

Throughout the summer of 2017, Monday evenings became known for Music In The Park featuring bands such as Devon Coyote, Daring Greatly and Georgie Lyons. Music In The Park transformed The Sicamous Beach park into a family friendly event venue entertaining people of all ages adding a new dimension to Sicamous and earned the fifth position in our 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top Ten.

#4 – Summer Stomp And Burnout Family Friendly Events

Even though the Summer Stomp And Burnout has been a controversial issue, I think we can all agree that the family friendly event featuring seniors scooter races, live music and motorcycle stunt show was an event that captured the interest of individuals of all ages from all walks of life. Because this event did such a good job at bringing people together, it earned the seventh position in the 2017 Best Of Sicamous top Ten.

#3 – Sicamous Canada Day Festival (5 Videos)

2017 was the second year for the Sicamous Canada Day Festival. With twenty two activities including road hockey, a car show, five live bands, a childrens craft fair and the best fireworks show in the shuswap, Sicamous was the place to be on Canada Day. This event was well attended and has become known as the event to kick-off summer. The Sicamous Canada Day Festival earned the third position for the 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top Ten.

#2 – Bruhn Bridge

In 2017, there was plenty of controversy regarding the replacement of the Bruhn Bridge. Because of this controversy, the Bruhn Bridge wasn’t initially considered as an option for the 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top Ten. However, the replacement of the Bruhn Bridge is too important as it will change the dynamics of Sicamous forever which gives us the opportunity determine our destiny. For that reason, the Bruhn Bridge takes the number two position in the The 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top Ten.

#1 – Rail To Trail initiative

Last but not least, The 2017 Best Of Sicamous number one position goes to an initiative rather than an event. This initiative will likely attract tens of thousands of visitors to Sicamous every year once it is completed. It will make Sicamous the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. The number one position for the 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top Ten goes to the Rail To Trail initiative. Acquiring the CN rail line for the purpose of building a hiking and biking trail will put Sicamous on the map as a world class destination as the trailhead for enthusiasts seeking an opportunity to experience some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world making Sicamous a bucket list destination. For this reason, the Rail To Trail initiative takes the number one position in the 2017 Best Of Sicamous Top Ten.

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