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Designed for the Skidoo 1200 XS 2016 model year and up. Boost Performance By 25 Percent With Our Plug N’ Play Technology. Our Turbo Is Computer Controlled With A Raze ECU Designed Exclusively For Powder Lites And Our Stage One Stealth Turbo.

Simply The Best Clutch On The Market. The TAPP Clutch Outperforms The Competition With More Options And Settings. Designed For The Uncompromising Sledder.


Mahle Pistons

Reduce friction, prevent piston skirt scuffing and extend the life of your engine. Highly recommended for high boost engines.

Clutch Brace

Keeps your clutch properly aligned with your engine to maintain clutch performance. Especially important for boosted engines.

Motor Mount Shim Kit

Eliminate free play on stock PTO motor mounts, resulting in better belt life, higher performance and a cooler running clutch.

Rapid Bike

Complete control module that can manage fuel injection. cmes with factory connectors to make installation quick, simple and easily reversible.

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